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In general, San Francisco attracts a lot of traffic because of its popularity as a tourist destination.

Airport parking SFO allows curb side pickup for picking or dropping passengers. Unfortunately, this area is a high traffic zone and airport authorities ensure that the time spent at the curb is very short and are quick to issue tickets. Picking up the passengers at the curb side means that one has to continuously loop around the airport. Apart from traffic from regular business and residential traffic, one has to consider the familiarity of parking at SFO.

Every person with a car always thinks why not take the car to the airport? There are two problems with this option first, being finding parking and second being paying for it as it surely is not free.

Short term domestic parking is an option available at airport parking SFO. To park here, you will have to pay a fee amounting to several dollars. If you are planning to send off a person or greet a person, there is a delay that become quite a hindrance, to park and then come back.

The parking fee for short term parking i.e. 24 hours or long term more than a day is very high and will make you think twice of taking the car to the airport.

Cell phone waiting lot

The cell phone waiting lot is the parking lot where friends and family wait to pick up the arrivals. There is no cost for using this parking lot and is the best advantage for this option and located just five minutes from the terminal but comes with a lot of restrictions (listed below)

The lot is open from timing from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Wait time here is 60 minutes
Drivers must remain with their vehicles
Space is available on a first come, first serve basis
No commercial vehicles are allowed to park in this lot

If the parking options at the SFO are exhausted, there are a lot of other high tech parking lots owned by the city within 2 to three miles from the airport. There are a large number of premier San Francisco airport parking operators that give you the best long term discount parking solutions at SFO.

If you move slightly away from the central destination, you can find parking at much lower cost. With proper planning, San Francisco airport parking can be easy and inexpensive.

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