We, Baystar Shuttle Service, have been in this business for a decade and have been successfully cruising on the roads of America. Our mantra is quality and affordable service. We employ fully qualified, experienced drivers who take care of our customer’s needs with a smile on their face.

Our Services Include

Accessibility Service

This service is for the Disabled and Aged Regional Transportation System and Veterans Taxi Service (VETS). Service delivery, policies, customer service and use of accessible HSR buses for people with disabilities forms a part of the accessible Service.

Charter Service

The charter service includes airport charter service, Inter- city and hourly charter

 Shuttle Service To Sfo
  • Airport taxis
  • Sjc Shuttle Service
  • Bay area shuttle service to Bay Area airports
  • San Francisco shuttle
  • San Jose shuttle
  • OAK Shuttle
 Shuttle Service To Sfo

Parking in the airport is not easy; hiring a rental car is also not a very economical option. Airport taxis are always available outside every terminal’s arrivals area. Taxi dispatchers ensure a smooth transfer operation. Once you get into the taxi, it takes anywhere between 25 to 30 minutes to or from downtown San Francisco. This is a rough estimate depending on the traffic flow Per day parking at your hotel is equivalent to hotel costs especially if you are worried about corporate and vacation budgets. So, take a taxi to your destination.

Shuttle to OAK

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport or commonly known as OAK is located in the east bay. This is the second largest airport in the bay area and is famous for its low-cost and economical domestic flights.

Being the 10th largest international airport for the South West Airlines, Oak is a very busy airport; the traffic flow to this airport is heavy which is not surprising , since the flight costs from Oak are cheaper and flights are always on time. We provide Shuttle service to Oak with cheap rates and more comfort.

 Shuttle Service To Sfo

San Francisco Shuttle

The bus service is one of the best ways to and fro from the San Francisco International airport, but cannot be relied on at all times. Parking is not easy at the San Francisco airport. The steep hills and attractions scattered in every area, makes this place a parking nightmare. It can be challenging for visitors to make their way around the city.

 Shuttle Service To Sfo

Call and ask for San Francisco shuttle service for a ride to the San Francisco and forget about traffic and parking problems.

San Jose Shuttle service

San Jose International Airport (SJC), like SFO is a gateway to San Jose and other areas in Northern California; many of the universities located around San Jose use the San Hose Shuttle Service for pickup or dropping passengers at the SJC airport. There are many bay area shuttle services connecting SJC airport with other airports in the Bay Area, which quite useful for passengers using SJC as a transit airport. While there are on demand shuttle services available at each terminal, there are facilities for pre-arranging shuttle.

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